Copyright © All rights reserved. Designed & published by Roger Chappel.  January 2011 Membership Application

                       The 2018  subscription for Full membership to the Association is £35 per annum.  From this, £23 is sent to the YBKA.  The YBKA retain £3 to enable members to enjoy the benefits offered by the YBKA (see below) and  £ 20 is sent to the BBKA to achieve full affiliation to both associations and hence members are eligible to all the benefits available (see below).  Through this affiliation, each member of DBKA is then covered for 3rd Party Insurance (see separate note).  Each member of DBKA is also covered for BDI (Bee Diseases Insurance) which covers each member for up to 3 colonies against AFB and EFB diseases - the small premium of £2 pa is included in the subscription.  Additional colonies can be insured on payment of additional premiums – it is important to note that the insurance is only valid if all colonies are insured.

Members who fail to pay their subscription by 31st March will be assumed to be no longer a member of the Association.  Members joining part-way through the year will pay on a pro-rata basis.


Note : Third Party Public Liability Insurance relates to beekeeping activities of each member in the UK and has a £5m limit of liability.  BDI Insurance covers compensation claims for most hive parts.  Premiums are paid in respect to the calendar year (i.e. 1st January to 31st December) and is effective as soon as the BBKA subscription is received.  

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