Copyright © All rights reserved. Designed & published by Roger Chappel.  January 2011 A welcome letter from the Chairman .


   Dear Beekeeper,

                              Please have a look round our website.  It is packed with information which will help you become a beekeeper or, if you already are one, help you become a better beekeeper.


           This is my 2nd year as chairman and we are on course to provide a first class facility for Darlington residents at the Denes Apiary. Our aim is to enable all residents of Darlington (and the surrounding area) an easy and accessible route in to beekeeping . Darlington Council have been very supportive in assisting us establish a COMMUNITY APIARY at the Denes Park in the centre of Darlington and we have made impressive progress on the site of the old bowling green at the Denes.  This is an exciting project and we are delighted that local residents and young people in that area of Darlington are getting behind the project and helping us establish this extremely useful resource for the people of Darlington.  We are already working closely with local organisations and have worked out a plan for developing the site and to turn it in to an attractive wild flower meadow which can be enjoyed by all.  Our pond is now well established - frog spawn is a feature - and there is evidence of wild life all over the site.  At it’s centre is our dovecot and small flock of doves. We have also established several hives of bees on the site which further enhances the facilities.  We regularly provide support for local people to get more involved by putting on training and information days  If you are interested in getting involved and perhaps helping us with the planting please get in touch - details of our officers can be found on the “OFFICERS” page of this website or you can phone the secretary on 01325 315741.


        2018 looks as though it will be a great year for beekeeping and I wish everyone good luck

Laurie Brown (CHAIRMAN)

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All rights reserved.  Designed and published by Roger Chappel.    January 2011